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Fidelity Private Shares℠

Law Firms

Equity Management Software You Can Rely On

Serving early-stage companies is hard and entrepreneurs need a lot of help: sophisticated advice, hands-on guidance, and complex documentation, all on a budget.

At Fidelity, we’ve built a technology solution that empowers entrepreneurs, and provides law firms the tools they need to effectively represent this unique client base. Our platform provides workflows that you and your clients can use together for equity management, employee lifecycle management, governance, fundraising, and more.

Over 100 law firms—from solo practitioners to boutique firms—are already working with clients on Fidelity Private Shares. Startups love us, and we think you will too.

How does Fidelity support lawyers?

Fidelity Private Shares is smartly-built, but it’s not a lawyer. Startups need lawyers who can provide substantive guidance, and our platform brings the collaboration, efficiency, and transparency that startups want to the lawyer-client relationship.

Flexible Collaboration

Our Counsel Involvement Settings allow you and your client to decide how you want to work together in Fidelity Private Shares. You can provide more oversight and support to a client in the beginning, and adjust over time as needed.


Full Transparency

Fidelity Private Shares can give you access to reports about your clients—such as their cap table and an overview of their employees—so you have easier access to useful information about the company and its stakeholders.


Increased Efficiency

Workflows automate much of the repetitive work startups ask of law firms. When companies run these workflows, counsel can focus on providing high-value advice through our Legal Review process.

One Platform, Multiple Companies

With Fidelity Private Shares, attorneys and firms can manage a large client portfolio through a single portal. Incorporate new companies directly through the platform, or onboard an existing company using our easy-to-use onboarding process.

Interested in learning more about Fidelity?

Our clients frequently ask us to recommend attorneys who are tech-savvy and ready to work with them on the platform. So we built a hub of Early-Stage Service Providers to feature some of the attorneys who fit that profile. If you’re interested in learning more about the hub or our law firm program—where firms can offer discounts on Fidelity Private Shares subscription fees to their clients—we’d love to talk.