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Automated Equity Financing

The entire financing process in one place for investors, attorneys, and startups.

The current fundraising process is outdated — it’s typically too time-consuming, costly, and manual.

Our automated equity financing can change that.

We’ve changed the entire process. We use efficient, highly accepted technology to automate the standard parts of the deal, making it less menial for attorneys, easier to manage for founders, and more efficient for those involved.

Navigate seamlessly from term sheet to closing

We help you close as quickly as possible without deploying unnecessary capital. You’ll maintain visibility and get insights throughout the deal.

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Save Time and Money, Close Faster

Raising money shouldn’t be a multi-week engagement that disrupts your regular business operations.

Our platform may enable significant time- and cost-savings over traditional fundraising processes.

Go from term sheet to close in as little as 14 days. When your cap table is up-to-date and linked to your automated data room, your financing can be very quick.

AEF monitor closing steps

Monitor all activities in one place

You’ll have a single dashboard to see when signatures are gathered and what’s left to complete — so you can have a full picture of where you’re at in the process.

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Focus on the important things

We generate all of your documents to help your attorneys focus on providing advice and negotiations rather than spending time in spreadsheets and generating standard documents.

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All the flexibility and expert guidance you may need

We know the realities of the fundraising process having been through many of them. One size fits all typically doesn’t work — this is why we can make it easy to add additional agreements and make substantial edits all the way to closing.

You’re likely making crucial decisions right now — and we’re here to help you along the way. We’ll help you understand the fundraise process and make sure you ask the right questions during the process.

“[The platform] really simplified the diligence process in my mind. It eliminated the need for me to engage and be sending documents back and forth, or managing a cap table and revisions of that, all the time. It’s just super easy because it’s one place where everything is housed and stored – and giving people access was literally the click of a mouse.”
Derrick Morse, CEO, Rugged Robotics

Everything you may need on one platform

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