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Fidelity Private Shares℠


With Fidelity, it costs $400 to get your Delaware C Corporation up and running.

This price can get you the fixed filing fees and more—and you may be more prepared for success with an equity management platform in place from day one.

Here’s everything you get as part of an incorporation:

  • Incorporation filing
  • One year of Registered Agent service

How It Works


Frequently Asked Questions

We use expedited service with Delaware, which means companies are typically official within three days of submitting the request.

Most companies receive their official documents within seven days of filing. We upload the filed Certificate of Incorporation to your account and mail you a hard copy.

Delaware has fixed filing fees that must be paid, and our clients often appreciate that we choose expedited service with Delaware (otherwise filings can take up to two weeks!).

All Delaware filing fees are included in the incorporation price. We also include the first year of Registered Agent services.

The total cost of this package is $400. 

With your subscription, you get access to over 50 workflows that handle important tasks like granting shares, issuing SAFEs and Convertible Notes, and hiring employees, and each of your company's stakeholders-your board, investors, employees and legal counsel can log in and take actions that align with their role.

You get a lot with your subscription.

At this time our platform only supports Delaware C Corporations.

Click on the "Get Started" button below to take the first step and you'll be guided you through the incorporation process; it takes about fifteen minutes to complete. 

Yes! Incorporating in Delaware does not require you to have an office there (this is why we include Registered Agent service as well!).

You don't even need to have an office or team members located in the US to incorporate there. Many companies have used our platform to establish their US presence.