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Client Spotlight

Insured Nomads

In November 2020, we asked Insured Nomads to tell us about themselves…

Tell us about your company. What problem are you trying to solve?

Insured Nomads is solving the problem of a dormant/tech-less health insurance only model for travelers, remote workers and global employee benefits to be the first to use the Mastercard-enabled system for easy payment for care, InstaPass™ for airport lounge access when flights are delayed, WalletPass™ digital policy id card, cybersecurity protection (VPN, endpoint security, identity protection, +), duty of care benefits (security, safety, natural disaster, medical response, telemedicine, evacuation and repatriation home) and travel conveniences embedded; and as a social impact venture to fund the work of combatting human trafficking through our partnership with Not For Sale.

How did your company get started?

Industry thought leaders and innovators saw the need to revolutionize the way customers get assistance through making a technology-rich insurance productized service (insurtech) and found best-in-class integration partners to make it happen through building a globally connected, remote, lean and agile company. We launched offering strong travel and international health insurance (individual and group) and are now preparing to launch the 2021 portfolio of tech-enabled products.

Why is your team well-positioned to solve the problem you’re tackling?

Our executive management knows the market, the drivers of the market (broker networks, employee benefits advisory firms, channel distribution partners) and what the client (remote workers, expats, travelers) have been crying out for in the products/service they want to have for global protection.
Allen Koski, CEBS is our President & Chief Innovation Officer, who came from UnitedHealthcare Global and Cigna Global with product design and sales leadership and is a subject matter expert in international employee benefits and duty of care.
Markus Zettner is the Chief Commercial Officer, Global Partnerships, who has had leadership roles with UnitedHealthcare Global, MetLife, AIG, and CIGNA in provider network and partner alliance management.
They, among others, are situated to bring a shift in the level of care, the depth of features, and the scope of services offered to companies and individuals with international exposure.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned along the way?

Hurry is your enemy. In the rapid-pace world we are in we must be able to go at a pace that will listen, maintain peace, allow others to process and let the stressors dissolve. We must do whatever it takes to radically eliminate hurry from our life. Pause, slow down, take time to allow yourself and others to grow and learn, and then keep going.

What resources do you rely on to help your company grow?

Relationships are the biggest resource we rely on for our growth. We value the people in our lives. One advisor recommended Shoobx (now Fidelity Private Shares), another recommended Webflow, while another introduced us to a chamber of commerce that needed a partner for international/travel insurance for its members, and another to a that services remote workers for employers. Giving to others, of our connections and tools, our insights and experience is the biggest way we can all help companies to grow. One of my favorite quotes is “Progress is always the function of increased cooperation," Melvin Airhart.


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