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Eventus Advisory Group

Eventus Advisory Group was founded on the belief that growing & mid-sized firms have the same need for top quality finance and accounting work as large firms, except they don’t have the budget/volume of business yet to hire a full-time team.

Eventus solves that problem by providing everything from leadership to operational finance and accounting, on-demand. With staff located across the U.S., they are able to help anywhere at any time—so you can have the right solution, at the right time, at the right price.

Eventus Advisory Group - Aaron Spool Partner and Managing Director


Aaron Spool
Partner and Managing Director


Eventus Advisory Group on Modern Accounting

The concept of modern accounting is a bit of a misnomer. There are some standard/classic questions that are must haves: Can they do the work? Are they keeping up to the latest rules and regulations? Do they use the latest technology?

These things aren’t modern, but necessary for success at all times. But to be truly modern “today” means do you have online connectivity, remote management, little to no reliance on paper-based processes, scalability, easy linkage of accounting data to analytics. Being modern is being able to handle anything a client throws at you that is new and different.

Everyone is different, but for Eventus, it is a cloud based general ledger, AP software and billing applications. It allows for easy, remote, instantaneous, and scale-able access to data as well as allows a scale-able, more efficient and economic finance and accounting operation.

  1. Have you “owned” the month close?
  2. Am I getting a dedicated team or do I have to contact a “call center”?
  3. How quickly will you respond to my needs?
  4. What Technology do you have experience with?
  5. How have you solved for problems caused by Technology?
  6. Do you have experience in my industry?
  7. Do you have any strategic partnerships that could benefit my company?
  8. What can you not help me with?

When you foresee having a need for books and records other than for tax purposes. Either you are raising capital (debt or equity) and need clean books for an audit and due diligence or you are going to start running analytics and need accurate and defined financials.

That they will be there for you when you need them and that your work will be completed on time and at an expected cost. To make sure you as a company understand what was done and what it means for your company going forward. Finally, a level of trust that they are a part of your company and your team, even though they are an outside service.

“Eventus continues to be a tremendous source of strategic value to The Tot. I was introduced to their team when we were considering new funding options for growth strategies. Eventus was able to drop in an on-demand CFO, Controller, and Accounting team within a week for us. They’ve helped us through various capital raise planning as well as owning all of the ongoing finance and accounting operations. I’m very happy with the level of attention, high-quality service, and savings we receive by working with Eventus. I recommend them to any business leader seeking a long-term partner who consistently brings solutions to the table.“

Kathy Kipriotis,CEO, The Tot

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