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Simplify how you perform everyday payroll and human resources tasks with a smart online system. Streamline your processes, save time, and reduce redundancy with industry-leading technology and customer service.

Paylocity and Fidelity Private Shares are offering clients a seamless, integrated payroll experience as part of our suite of human resources features supporting the full employee lifecycle. Learn more here.

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John Lyons,

Paylocity on Modern Payroll

A modern payroll/HCM solution includes not only payroll and tax filing, it is a powerful tool that minimizes the time your HR team spends on redundant work and managing employee data. Leverage Paylocity’s powerful, cloud-based platform as a central gateway to business activities, from employee self-service to benefits administration and intuitive reporting and analytics tools.

Rather than focusing solely on payroll, Paylocity focuses on software development and delivery. Since we are built like a software company, our workforce drives value with mobile-responsive, intuitive features for payroll and HR. This also means we offer an unmatched degree of flexibility and control by configuring the solution in a way that most effectively helps to reach your goals.

The best partner is one that not only understands the core needs of your organization, but one that understands your mission and vision. Take into account the technology on which the platform is built. Is the technology scalable for future growth? Is it built to integrate with other critical systems? And most importantly, what is the vendor’s commitment to future development and product enhancement? Are these enhancements made through acquisition or are they developed by the vendor itself?


A true Human Capital Management platform can help create the culture and shape the employee experience of any organization. Additionally, leveraging the power of a true payroll and HCM platform will increase administrative efficiency by reducing manual effort and providing easy access to business intelligence.

Your payroll and HCM vendor is responsible for an organization’s most important assets: Its people. Understanding the mission and values of your organization and how they align with your vendor’s is paramount to building a long-term relationship.

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