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Accounting and Payroll Service Provider


Simplexity Services provides full-stack accounting services with a dedicated finance team. Their team has helped support 100’s of fast-growing companies by providing the reporting and insights needed for management to make key decisions. For less than the cost of a single employee, Simplexity Services provides startups with a team of highly accomplished bookkeepers, controllers, CPA’s, and CFO’s to manage your back office (bookkeeping, payroll/HR, A/P, A/R, financial modeling, investor reports, and more).

The Simplexity team has a unique sensitivity and acute pattern recognition to provide startups with the tools and recommendations to help companies win. Companies who’ve worked with their services platform have raised in excess of $400M while working with them, and several of their clients have been acquired by companies like Oracle, The We Company, Century Link and Capital One.

Simplexity offers 10% off 6 months of services for any Fidelity Private Shares customers.



Greg Arnold
Managing Director

Simplexity Services on Modern Accounting

Modern accounting means that the team uses Cloud based tools to complete ones books and finances in a timely and efficient manner. Simplexity places the right work at the right level so that we optimize resources and cut down on cost to the end user.

  • Simplexity Services utilizes best in class SaaS tools that entrepreneurs are already using and are familiar with to run their business.
  • For example, the Simplexity team uses Quickbooks Online for Bookkeeping, Gusto for HR/Payroll, for AP and AR, Expensify for Employee expense reporting, Carta for Cap Table Mangement, Embroker for Insurance.
  • This tech-enabled approach ensures that the firms’ data is secure and easily accessible by key personnel at any time of the day so that founders always know what going on with their business.
  1. Are the books done in Cash or Accrual Accounting?
  2. What SaaS tools do you use to complete the work?
  3. Do you work with fast-growing tech companies?
  4. What is the full list of services you provide?
  5. How do you bill clients? On an hourly basis or monthly retainer?
  6. What is the best way to communicate with you?
  7. Can you help me better understand my cash flow?
  8. Who is my lead accountant?
  9. What is provided beyond just basic bookkeeping?
  10. What other clients have you worked with?
  11. What do I need to prepare beforehand to make your work easier?
  12. Have you worked with companies that have raised Venture Capital?

The best time to hire an accountant or accounting service is when these tasks start to take up too much of your time and you lose focus on building out our product, hiring, finding customers etc. You should also outsource this if you’ve raised >$1M of outside funding.

You should expect to receive you GAAP based financials on a monthly basis and high-quality customer service. Simplexity is always available via phone and/or email.


“This is the service I recommend the most highly out of all the services that we use because they save me the most time on finances and HR. They’re a human system, not a software system. My team at Simplexity has become an extension of our team and has an in-depth knowledge of the business not commonly found with an outsourced resource.”

Russ Heddleston

“If you want to grow your company by leaps and bounds that’s when you need to look at Simplexity. They’ve helped us turn our books and financials into venture ready financials. And helped us focus on the business and not be distracted with HR and all the end of the month responsibilities.”

Avi Tal, Co-Founder of Agentology

“They’re very forward thinking. There’s not a month that goes by where there is something that I need to be aware of that I wasn’t thinking about. If Simplexity wasn’t handling all these different services, there’s no way I could focus on what’s critical for the company.”

Paul Love, CEO of 1app

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