We were excited to announce that we’re collaborating with Fidelity InvestmentsTM, offering private companies scalable solutions for every step of their growth journey. This collaboration will provide full life cycle equity management solutions, helping companies manage the challenges of growth, including preparing for an exit or IPO.

The new solution fuses Fidelity’s extensive expertise in equity compensation and benefits administration with Shoobx’s savvy in supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups with their capital structure, external funding sources, equity fund management, and corporate filings.


“The Fidelity/Shoobx offering fills a critical gap for entrepreneurs by providing a flexible solution that grows with the company and eliminates the need to implement new platforms as a company expands. Instead, entrepreneurs can spend more time on building their business,” Mark Haggerty, Head of Stock Plan Services at Fidelity Investments.



Business Growth Increases Process Complexity & Risk Exposure

As companies expand and businesses evolve from start-up to pre-IPO, management teams often find that overseeing critical business processes becomes increasingly complicated. Business growth can introduce complexities with company shares, ownership tracking and legal documentation management, increasing the risk of exposure to costly errors and negative business impact. Companies often evaluate and implement new business solutions at each stage of their growth, introducing multiple changes to crucial systems and requiring resources that could be utilized elsewhere.


Flexible Management Built to Scale with Your Business

Our new offering with Fidelity equips companies with an integrated, flexible management solution, suited for handling their critical business processes at every stage of their growth. By scaling with your business needs, it will remove the need to implement new systems, giving entrepreneurs and start-ups more

“Raising venture financing can involve thousands upon thousands of documents and corporate data, all of which has to be tracked and reported accurately to avoid issues with investors. While every private company will have some form of a capital table management and data room, not all of them have a solution that is truly automated or a reliable data source, and that’s what we’re solving for,” Jason Furtado, our CEO and Co-Founder of Shoobx.


Why We’re Excited about the New Fidelity Shoobx Management Solution

Designed to align with your organization’s specific business needs, the Fidelity/Shoobx solution includes valuable capabilities for companies that may be positioning themselves for an exit or to go public. 
The seamless set of systems and capabilities is designed to provide value to private companies across several significant business functions, all integrated with secure electronic signature and document storage features:

Explore the full benefits of the Fidelity and Shoobx New Business Solution and discover how your business can confidently navigate rapid growth while staying financing-ready.

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