In order to garner interest from investors and venture firms, there are many critical areas to cover as you’re preparing for an upcoming financing event. Having all of these things organized and ready for review before investor conversations heat up can save time and money, not to mention headaches. 

These items go far beyond your pitch deck and financials – you’ll want to ensure you have the following items buttoned up so you can devote your energy to securing the best deal for you and your team: 

  1. Is your cap table accurate?
    While it may seem that having a spreadsheet laying out who owns which parts of your company will suffice, investors and their counsel are going to expect to see all the documentation behind each of your grants and prior financing documents, along with the board and stockholder approvals for them. 
  2. Are your HR reports accurate?
    Ensuring that your employee documents are in order will help show you have a great team that’s ready to grow your business. Make sure each team member has signed their Offer Letter and Confidentiality and Assignment of Inventions Agreement, regardless of what role they play. 
  3. Is your data room organized? 
    Having all of these documents in one place makes it easy to invite potential investors in, provide them access to only the materials they need to see, and gives you updates on what they’ve reviewed. This will be enormously helpful when it’s time to kick off due diligence.
  4. And don’t forget your team! 
    Make sure you’ve briefed the team members who will be responsible for participating in the diligence process, so they’re ready to respond to questions and provide additional materials if necessary.


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