The journey of a venture-backed company hasn’t gotten easier and for the most part neither have the solutions available to help entrepreneurs and founders along the way. Managing your company’s corporate legal activity often involves operating multiple systems and overseeing migrations as you scale. Private companies are often lacking a single source of truth.

A recent McKinsey study suggests that on average people spend 61% of their time organizing their work and 39% of their time actually doing their work. Companies striving for growth can suffer from time depletion brought on by system sprawl and inefficient company management tools. 

Private companies often have to change systems and providers as they grow, which means wasted time and resources. At Fidelity, we believe companies should be able to stay with a single provider as they scale, prepare for exit or IPO, and beyond.


How Private Companies Raise Money

As your business scales, system silos can naturally surface in your operations or departments. Breaking down these barriers with an integrated solution that grows with you can help the business thrive as a cohesive unit. While many companies offer cap table management, they might not include critical tools and expertise required for scaling a private company.

Our client's success is what fuels us. We have a deep understanding of their perspectives and challenges and find that many can be solved by having sophisticated, scalable business solutions at their fingertips. Although there are other companies trying to simplify equity ownership and management, they haven’t made it much easier to scale efficiently and with confidence.


The Need For Client-Driven Solutions That Scale With Company Growth

Fidelity has worked closely with our clients to build solutions to their very real problems. We focus on reducing friction so you can concentrate on growth.

We believe that centralizing company financial data is critical, and in doing it right the first time. With this in mind, our platform serves as a single source of truth and automates the documentation and organization of equity ownership while also enabling seamless communications and reporting to employees, board members, and investors. This provides assurance that the company and its stakeholders have the intelligence and access they need at any time.

The efficiency gained paired with the peace of mind from having a single hub to manage, automate, and oversee all facets of equity ownership, allows company leaders to invest more of their time and resources on what’s most important: growing your business.

As we’ve seen record numbers of IPOs in the last year, helping our clients scale to larger and later stages has become even more important. 

Our collaboration with Fidelity Investments helps do just that by expanding our to provide best-in-class equity and business management solution that stands on its own in the marketplace. Working together is allowing us to help private companies scale more effectively and access tailored solutions to confidently navigate the complex road to exit or IPO, and beyond.

The robust, end-to-end offering supports private companies across their full lifecycle with tools to manage capitalization tables, equity funding, stockholder and board management communications, and more, allowing entrepreneurs and start-ups to spend less time on administrative work, less money on standard legal documentation, and more time focused on building their business.


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