Shoobx is excited to share that we've been nominated for both Startup of the Year and Founder of the Year (Jason Furtado) as part of Startup Boston's Community Awards.



These accolades are awarded to the startup that has seen the most growth in its product roadmap, customer acquisition, and marketing footprint, as well as the founder who has overcome odds and shown undeniable grit and growth and been an advocate and ally to founders in MA and underrepresented communities.  

It’s an honor to be recognized as a challenger brand disrupting the market, especially in Boston. It’s been more than a year since the world stopped and business operations had to shift their axis for the foreseeable future and it looked as if startups might fizzle off the radar for a bit, but not for Shoobx and our team. 

We’ve built our solutions through solid partnerships with our earliest clients. Those businesses are the lens through which we continue to build, grow, and make decisions. Rather than going out first with marketing, we invested in our product from day one to build a solution that works for our clients and helps them stay one step ahead of their corporate records and financing diligence needs.

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Founder and CEO, Jason Furtado, has proven his vision and leadership to be an integral part of our success and he is obsessed with helping entrepreneurs succeed – in scaling their businesses effectively and providing value along their entire growth journey. 

Supporting entrepreneurs is the foundation of Jason’s vision, as well as the Shoobx culture and overall mission of the platform. He is the driving force behind our company’s focus on reducing friction in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and has a daily drive to create solutions that do just that.  

Our recent collaboration with Fidelity Investments was a huge milestone for the company. The team led Fidelity through an in-depth vetting process - collaboration of this scale was not solely based on a technology offering, but a foundation of trust and confidence in the long-term relationship. It’s those relationships that are supporting our growth, both from a team and revenue perspective. Moving forward, we’re focused on accelerating our growth through strategic testing and learning, and on raising the bar for cap table management and making venture financing simpler.  

Community Awards - Nominees (40)

Shoobx is on track to launch two new product integrations this year on the heels of triple digital customer acquisition growth and team growth of 25% Q3 2021 over Q2 2021. We experienced a 205% increase in marketing reach month-over-month (July 2021 over June 2021), making some serious footprint growth, expanding communications efforts to include things like content and product marketing, SEO, in-person and digital events, and more.

We have an innovative vision for the entrepreneurial landscape, with big plans for reducing friction in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Jason and the team look forward to continuing the focus on expanding our offering for private companies: helping them scale rapidly and stay financing-ready from the early days through to exit or IPO, and beyond.

This is the fifth annual Startup Boston Week, but Startup Boston's first-ever inaugural Community Awards, recognizing the movers and shakers of the New England startup ecosystem. 

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