Shoobx, one of the industry’s fastest growing equity management providers, took home two awards in Startup Boston’s inaugural Community Awards.

The company was awarded Startup of the Year, while Shoobx Founder & CEO Jason Furtado captured Founder of the Year honors. The Community Awards celebrate extraordinary achievement in the startup world, and are awarded by Startup Boston, a community-driven and all-volunteer organization that is dedicated to connecting and lifting up Boston’s entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators, students, and mentors. 

“We’re thrilled and honored to be recognized by our peers and the Startup Boston community,” said Furtado. “Shoobx is committed to building better corporate records and equity management solutions for growing and scaling companies. This year, we’re on track to launch two new product integrations on the heels of triple digital customer acquisition growth, and our recent collaboration with Fidelity Investments was a huge step to furthering our vision of reduced friction in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

As part of Startup Boston Week, Furtado was selected to lead a virtual session as part of the founder track, “Early Stage Equity: What to Consider Before Allocating Equity”, on Friday, September 24 at 11:45 a.m Eastern. Register here: https://bit.ly/3k2ZAcD.

Furtado and the Shoobx team received grassroots recognition from tech entrepreneurs, employees, investors, journalists, and educators in the region. The awards recognized 13 companies and individuals whom Startup Boston dubs “the movers and shakers of the New England startup ecosystem.” After receiving community nominations, Startup Boston’s judges selected three finalists in each category, and the community voted to select the winners.

The Startup of the Year designation is “awarded to the startup that has seen the most growth in their product roadmap, customer acquisition, team and marketing footprint,” according to Startup Boston.  

Shoobx’s triple digital customer acquisition growth as well as team growth of 25% Q3 2021 over Q2 2021 earned recognition. The company has also experienced a 204.606% increase in marketing reach month-over-month. Overall, 1,500+ venture capitalists and investors and 1,000 lawyers rely on Shoobx solutions, with over $1.25 billion raised by the platform’s clients.

The company also announced in July a collaboration with Fidelity Investments™, one of the industry’s largest company stock plan administrators. The agreement aims to provide an equity management solution for private companies at all growth stages, up to and including companies preparing for an IPO, and also after they go public.  

Furtado earned Founder of the Year honors, which Startup Boston awards to “the founder who has defeated the odds and shown the most grit and growth. This founder must be an advocate for not just their company, but a supporter and ally to founders in [Massachusetts] and underrepresented communities.”

Furtado has guided Shoobx in its efforts to help private companies get started, raise capital and exit - including overseeing the collaboration with Fidelity. He also helped launch Shoobx’s Underrepresented Founders Program which provides free access to the equity management solution for founders who are not equally represented in the entrepreneurial system. These efforts support founders regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or disability.

“Shoobx is designed to help companies achieve their goals and ensure harmony between entrepreneurs, investors and lawyers,” Furtado said. “Everyone deserves access to the tools that make that growth journey as streamlined as possible.”

This year’s Startup Boston judges included entrepreneur & investor David Chang, Boston Business Journal Technology Reporter Lucia Maffei, and Framingham State University’s Director of Entrepreneur and Innovation Center Mark Hardie.

About Shoobx

Shoobx is an equity management company that manages all corporate and legal activities for private companies from incorporation to exit and beyond, providing a single source of truth for equity management, corporate governance, and automated fundraising. Shoobx’s platform empowers companies to grow rapidly while staying financing-ready by securely centralizing company management processes and assets which improves data integrity and reduces risk. Shoobx delivers peace of mind with advanced due diligence through their data room and offers flexibility with third-party integration capabilities. Thousands of users, investors, and attorneys rely on Shoobx to get due diligence right the first time and make it simple and fast. Enable rapid growth at shoobx.com.


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