Two of the core tenets of our mission are to approach equity management differently (and better!), and to use what we've built to help support all founders, especially those that have traditionally been underrepresented.  We're always excited to find colleagues who share that mindset, which is part of what makes Mary Hodges, Owner of NewWave Law such an ideal partner; she works exclusively with women who are growing small businesses. We spoke to Mary to find out more about how NewWave came about, what it's accomplished, and how working with Fidelity helps make it happen.


What's the mission of NewWave Law?

NewWave Law’s mission is redefining entrepreneurship for the modern woman by helping them build thriving and impactful businesses and become catalysts for creating the change they want to see in the world. We do this by offering holistic and innovative legal solutions that address the changing needs of society, connect them with a network of resources, and position our clients to be leaders in their industries. 


What made you want to start NewWave Law?

When I started my firm over 6 years ago, I was at a point in my career where I wanted to have more autonomy over my work and decide the type of clients I wanted to work with. I knew I wanted to work with small businesses. For me, the best way to do that was to branch out on my own and start a business. 

My firm has evolved since and I recently rebranded to NewWave Law where we work with women-owned startup companies and online businesses. I started NewWave Law because I believe women entrepreneurs have what it takes to lead the way for businesses that care deeply about their employees, customers, and communities.     


What makes you an unconventional lawyer?

Anytime I hear someone say things like, “That’s the way it’s always been done,” I question it. If we always did what everyone else was doing, we would never make progress. This is the frame of mind that I use in my firm. I’m unconventional because I’m willing to think outside the box and find better ways of doing things.  


What in particular appeals to you about working with small businesses?

I found that working with entrepreneurs was fulfilling because my clients come to me with a dream they want to pursue, and I get to be part of their team of advisors that helps them see it through. Every business owner needs people in their corner to support them and root for their success. It’s been extremely rewarding celebrating my clients’ accomplishments over the years. 


What drew you to working with Fidelity?

Fidelity is unconventional and has found a way to leverage technology to make it easier and more efficient for startups to get the legal help they need. This ultimately saves my clients money that they can redirect to other areas of their business. 


How does Fidelity help support your mission?

Many of my clients are bootstrapping their businesses to start so being able to help them for a fraction of what it would otherwise cost is crucial. This gives them a shot at building a thriving business. 



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